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Starbucks India / Lulu Mall - Kochi

The distinct, all too familiar smell of freshly ground coffee fills the air, wafts of it's fragrance making way through this bustling seaside city, let's take a moment, immerse ourselves in that moment and capture that beautiful feeling through colors.


For me, the Starbucks store in Kochi is a very familiar yet special space. Familiar, because of it's iconic status, but what makes it special to me is, when you enter the Starbucks store at Lulu mall, two paintings hung on it's walls, under spotlights, meets your eye. Having done those custom paintings, I would describe them as a significant statement of cultural collaboration & reflection of harmony. I am beyond glad to have had the opportunity to work on them.


A lot of exploration of my own signature style, testing new colors and brush strokes & a detailed thought process, eventually led me to the final result that is now displayed on the walls of one of the most iconic coffeehouse to exist. To say that I enjoyed through out the process, would honestly be an understatement. Each and every new technique, every moment of painting in the details, especially the botanicals, gave me immense pleasure.


My special gratitude to all those who have put their hard work to make it possible. It was great working with such a professional and wonderful team.

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